ESSL CONSULTING offers educational and vocational training for your career and company on the basis of practical and scientific expertise.

We will support you in introducing and developing a culture of learning and innovation (learning culture) that’s focused on practice and value, so you can stay on top of changes and calcu-late your success through key perfor-mance ratios (learning in business process). All our measures focus on restructuring normal work places into work-based learning centers of exce-llence with the option of a modern learning infrastructure, such as eLearning didactics (work-based learning).
We also offer customized learning support for personal skill develop-ment of executives and staff (personal learning). Finally ESSL CONSULTING offers state-of-the-art training con-cepts to prepare young people for a modern learning culture in your com-pany right from the start (work-based education).

Quality control concepts for all mea-sures will be combined with your established controlling system. Competences and skills are based on action and situations. They can only be acquired in real-life business situations.
You can use this checklist to evalu-ate a small segment of the working and learning culture of your company. I’ll be glad to supply you with feedback.
Mag. Dr. Günter Essl
Doctorate in Business and Vocational Education

Certified Management Consultant Accredited Business Trainer

Marie Curie Fellowship of the European Union at Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg with special concentration on Business Education.