Research expertise in knowledge and quality management in profit and non-profit organizations.

Two-year postdoc Marie Curie Fellowship of the European Union on the subject of “self-controlling task forces in the airline industry”. In cooperation with Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg

Research and consulting for a three-year project of the European Union “Der dritte Sektor in Wien” in the field of action research, organization-al development, quality and knowled-ge management as well as the appli-cation of field studies and action research Research and consulting for a two-year project of the European Union “Qualitätssicherung Gender Main-streaming“ in the fields of learning theories, didactics and methodology for executives, consultants and trainers, quality and knowledge management as well as an empiri-cal discourse analysis in an organi-zation that implements gender mainstreaming (since July 2005)

Organizational Culture and Competence Management:

A question of business process development

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